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Sunday, May 17, 2009
I was bored. So I did this 100 Question Quiz. LOL

1.Are you single or attached?

2.How old are you?

3.Do you have a person you are in love with?

4.What is the name of the person you are in love with?
MYSELF . hahahahahha:B

5.If the person you love and your mother dropped into the sea, who will you save?
The person i'm inlove with is myself, and i didnt fall into the sea , so of course i'll save my mother :D

6.Have you ever hugged someone before?

7.Do you love your parents?

8.Will you hug the one you love?
That goes without saying :X

9.Are you willing to do anything for your boyfriend/girlfriend?

10.Are you jealous now?
Harh ?

11.Who is the last person who messaged you, what is the message?
Yee Yang , "Hahaha...should have seen his face funny..."

12.Who is your clique?
What's that ? :X

13.Do you want a baby in future?
It depends. I swear it'd hurt like hell. So maybe no. But.. Ahh idk la :X

14.Do you prefer Mac, KFC, Long John Silver, Burger King or coffee shop?

15.Are you skinny or fat?
0o .. somewhere in between? (Must have healthy body:3)

16.Do you smoke?
Naah. I hate smokers.

17.If you boyfriend/girlfriend is a two-timer, what will you do?
If he really likes her, i'll break up with him. Cause i love him.

18.If you found out you have a disease, what will you do?
Go see doctor. If uncurable, i'll spend my last moments with my loved ones ToT

19.Which cca are you in now?

20.If you are rich, what will you do?
1st- Donate
2nd- SPEND!

21.If the one you are in love held your hand, what will you do?
My heart would go crazy. LOOOL.

22.If the one you love rejected you, what will you do?
I don't ask people for stead. LOL. I wait to be asked.

23.What is your favourite cartoon character?
Hmm.. Can manga character? :3 Usui(Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) & Aoi Leo(Beast Master)

24.What is your personality?
Can be funny sometimes, or scary:3

25.Friendship or love?
Can I choose both? :X

26.Cookie monster or elmo?
COOKIE MONSTER:D! i love cookies ya know.

27.What is your horoscope?

28.When is your birthday?
first January :D

29. Who is your idol?
Uhh.. Idk.

30.Who you wish to marry to?
The person I love :0

31.Do you like lollipop?
Hell yesh{:

32.Do you own a diary ?
Used to. LOL

33.Who are you scared of?

34.Who is your first crush?
My dog, Coco (i miss herD:)

35.If your face is destroyed, are you still happy?
I'd rather DIE! O_O

36.Happy, stress, lonely or moody?

37.What is the BIGGEST thing you afraid of?
Hmm... BEES! :D

38.If you are going to die, who will you think first?
My beloveds.

39.If you are kidnapped, who will you call first to rescue you?

40.Who you think you are?
BECKY. Who else? :D

41.Which do you prefer, bee or mosquito?
Mosquitos :X

42.Are you scared of insects?
Naah. Except for bees and wasps.

43.If you saw ghost, what will you do?
Scream. LOL

44.There is a admire of yours and he won't die heart, what will you do?
Let him be..

45.If your clique quarrel, what will you do?
What's clique? 0o

46.If you quarrel with your boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she want to break, what will you do?
Beg not to break up. Give him a kiss or somethingD:

47.Do you love soft toys?

48.Do you think you are gay/lesbian?

49.Have you ever entered the boy/girl toilet?
I've been to a boys' toiletxD But it was empty okay!

50.Who do you wish to be talking to you now?
SAM:D He always supplies me with snakey informations:3

51.Are you bored now?
Hell yes. That's the reason why I'm doing this:X

52.Are you blur?
Yesh. I'm always blur :D

53.If you can have your hair dyed, what colour will you dye?
Uhh.. I'll just dye some red/pink/purple streaks{:

54.Do you wear specs?

55.What is your colour of shirt now?

56.What brand of school bag you use?
Idk the brand name:X

57. Have you bathed?
Yep. Clean and FREEEESHH.

58.How many people are there in your family?
four. (Including my dog;D)

59.What is your full name?
Becky Ng Qi Jie ;B

60.Lock yourself in the room, or use a penknife to cut yourself?
Lock myself in the room. It doesnt hurt to do that. LOOOL.

61.How much of % do you give the boy/girl you are in love?

62.Do you misses your ex?
Must I answer that? 0o

63.Are you scared of losing your precious things?

64.What is the blog url of the person you are in love with?

65.Do you hate him/her?

66.Do you wish your mother was hugging you now?
Idk 0o.

67.Are you sitting or standing now?

68.Have you eaten?

69.How many person you blocked in your msn?
None. See I'm such a NICE friend;D

70.If your idol come to the country you live in, what will you do?

71.If you get to shake hand with your idol, what will you do?
Shake hands lor0o.

72.Do you have a pet last time or now?
Now(: IloveMiya.

73.Who is the last person you chatted in MSN?
Sam. LOL

74.How many people got beaten by you before?
One. Stupid guy, attack me with pillows:X

75.If your boyfriend/girlfriend don't love you anymore, what will you do?
Let him break up with me. What's the point of continuing when the feeling aint there anymore?

76.You won a car, what will you do?
Give it to my parents(: Im underaged.

77.If your boyfriend/girlfriend cannot live more than a week, what will you do?
Stay with him until his last breath.

78.If you fall down, will you stand up by your own or ask someone to help you up?
I'll stand up on my own. Unless it;s seriouso.o

79.How many TV(s) you have?

80.If this is your first date, what would you wear?
Uhh.. Wear something comfortable(: And nice:X

81.What is your e-mail address?
Wahsialah. Later stranger add me. LOOOL.

82.Who do you think annoyed you the most?

83.What school are you in?
Regent Secondary :D

84.Do you like your form teacher?
Yesh. In a teacher-student kind of way(:

85.In school, who are you most scared of?
The cannot-resist wednesday dishes x.x

86.Which instrument do you wish to have in your house?
DRUMS. I already have my piano and guitar{:

87.During weekends, what do you do?
Go out with friends(I WISH), use the computer, walk my dog, or spend the days with my family.

88.Do you prefer fever or flu?
Fever. Flu very friggin' uncomfortableD:

89.Do you prefer laptop or desktop?

90. What colour specs are you wearing?

91.What fruits do you like most?
Apples, grapes and oranges:D

92.What is your mobile phone number?
Confidential. lol.

93.Do you prefer iphone or normal mobile phone?
My phone{:

94.If your pants dropped at a crowded place, what will you do?
Pull it up.

95.Are you scared of chilli?

96.Are you wearing any accessories now?
My already-faded-words friendship band(:
Dog shaped earring and heart shaped earring.

97.Do you like rainbows?

98.What subject you love most?
Art and English(:

99.If you were to present in front of the person you are in love with and the whole school, what will you do?
Absent on that day!

1oo.Which do you prefer cute/chio/handsome boys/girls?
All lor. LOL

Thursday, May 7, 2009
today gt science exam ,
which i was oh-so-not prepared for'--'
then recess was like 45 or 40 minutes ;3
(dammit ! stupid audi .. so long liao still haven finish load ;x)

then then , today i was actually walking with Milkshake .
then she said , "eh , yeong rui and desmond."
then i "harh ? ..OH! i forgot i meeting them!"
"sorry ah." *waves*
she waved back .
(LOL ;x)

then i walked towards them .
yr saw me . then started walking fast.
then i was like , he was th one who said meet lo ==
then he walked like ..
so damn fast i had to run to catch up with them.
then i walked in silence while yr crapped on =.=
pratically talking bad about desmond . LOL
then i got bored and randomly showed them a video Milkshake sent to me.
i *toot* the spiders on the wall,
i *toot* the cobwebs in the hall.
i *toot* the candles on the shelves,
when i'm alone i *toot* myself~

-actual one-

i count the spiders on the wall,
i count the cobwebs in the hall.
i count the candles on the shelves,
when i'm alone i count myself~

so lol right ? LOL xD
it sounded so wrong with th "toot" .
then then then, yr asked if i like Candy before.
i was like ; o_o" wth ..
"noooo 0o . why ?"
then he said something i dont rmb .
oh well .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
I say:
what th heck '--' i got hacked .

[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:

I say:
yeah .

[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
mabel got new haircut ah?
I say:
yeah . her sister cut th
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
knew it
I say:
0o ..?
how wud u know ?
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
i saw her sister before

I say:
that doesnt mean u know she cuts her sisters' hair '--'

[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
okok u win
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
mes/default/images/emoticons/msn/icon_02.gif" border="0" alt="" />
I say:
lols .
yay ?
17:03:59[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
I say:
yay '--'
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
I say:
yaaay .
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
ok stop liao
I say:
lols ..
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
I say:
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
wad were u nadiah and mabel doing in toilet??
I say:
mabel was letting her fringe down .
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
at same time scary..
I say:
u should have seen it , when she first let it down xD
oh ?
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
I say:
wad u mean by scary ? 0o
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
she will look like a ghost i think ?
I say:
u bad sia .
but , to say th truth , it'd be scarier with her old fringe .
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
oh yeah haha
I say:
dont mind me being straight-forward , but ur dp looks ridiculous '--'
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
my haircut beforte
I say:
lols .
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
my strangest haircut ever
I say:
woow '--'
but its seriously weird ,.. plus ur expression . weirder .
hey u changed it '--'
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
I say:
oh yah , ur chinese paper1 section B which question u write ?
[=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
more people riding bicycles are using walking paths instead of their own
I say:
loh ..
oh *
then section A ?
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:
doesn't se4ction a only have 1 question?
I say:
no . it has two .
on is th teacher one .. th other idk .
to a friend i think .
one *
[c=4]Some People Are Afraid Of Heights... Not Me I'm Afraid Of Widths[/c] says:

random much ? LOL , suddenly talking about Panda , then about his hair , then about chinese :X
(note : i'm talking to bernard .)


Saturday, May 2, 2009depressed
i wan cry liao . all my pictures from my Documents gone . TT
my father go reset th computer .
now how am i supposed to find all of them .
wth laTT

Thursday, April 16, 2009SYF
yesterday .. SYF . today .. results O_O . somehow fast yet slow . LOL .
guess what ? WE GOT GOOOLD {: *happy happy* HAHAHAHAHA . ooh my gosh im so hyper>w< *bangwall bangwall* HAHAHAHAHA .


Friday, April 10, 2009hello peeps:D
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA , somehow hyper'--' . *bang wall* okay im back:D uh .. actually i dont know what to blog about '~' but i do have something to say to everyone out there in the whole wide world:} and that is ; HELLO:D! (ps , im lame)
sigh , so bored . somebody tell me what to do D:

boredom kills you know ? see , im alrdy half dead x_o
LOLxD , looks like i got beaten at one eye>w< *laughs*
oh well , im going to end this story with a good-bye.(:
takecare , everyone is this bigbig world{:

Monday, April 6, 2009stupid times .
sometimes .. when i see you with her , leaving me all alone , i thought i might cry . it was th worst . i hated it . i even hated you . u used to be so nice to me , like sisters you know ? and u had hated HER . but why .. why th hell did u go to her ? dumping me like a piece of useless TRASH . and only picking me up when th both of you fought . yes , i was happy . and also very , very , stupid . why did i let you talk to her ? why did i let th two of you be together again ? cant she tell how i felt when i see her spend more time with HER ? i was heart-broken , i wanted to cry . you were the only true friend i've had so far . so did you think it was be easy letting you go ? have you thought about MY feelings ? no ? yes ? i couldnt tell . i cant tell this to anyone , i CANT . i wanted to , but my fingers wont move , i couldnt speak . i hated that . i hated everything . i cant take it anymore .. i wanted somebody to be by my side .. to care for me . but NO , all of them went to YOU . yeah , you're pretty . while im not . but it wasnt the looks that counted ! i hated that . stupid boys , cant they tell ? stupid stupid stupid . my life's SCREWED . i feel like dying . why am i borned into imperfections ? what's this ? i cant stand it . i've been standing tall , im at my limits . i'll collapse . stupid , why cant i let you go ? yeah sure , you're just a friend . but you helped me through tough times . you listened to my problems . now you're dumping me away like trash . sure sure .. im trash . im nobody . you're everything . why did you come into my life ? is this my fault ? of course .. everyone'll think its MY fault . stupid . im so stupid .


Friday, February 13, 2009anathema [taken from PEEPS]
Okay, let's clear up some myths about vampires.

First of all, you won't see me use the V-word much. In the Night Watch, we prefer the term parasite-positive, or peeps, for short.

The main thing to remember is that there's no magic involved. No flying. Humans son't have hollow bones or wings - the disease doesnt change that. No transforming into bats or rats either. It's impossible to turn into something much smaller than yourself - where would the extra mass go?

On the other hand, I can see how people in centuries past got confused. Hordes of rats, and sometimes bats, accompany peeps. They get infected from feasting on peep leftovers. Rodents make good "reservoirs", which means they're like storage containers for the disease. Rats give the parasite a place to hide in case the peep can hunted down.

Infected rats are devoted to their peeps, tracking them by smell. The rat brood also serves as a handy food source for the peep when there aren't humans around to hunt. (Icky, i know. But that's nature for you.)

Back to the myths:
Parasite-positives do appear in mirrors. I mean, get real; How would the mirror know what was behind the peep?

But this legend also has a basis in fact. As the parasite takes control, peeps begin to despise the sight of their own reflections. They smash all their mirrors. But if they're so beautiful, why do they hate their own faces?

Well, it's all about the anathema.

The most famous example of disease mind control is rabies. When a dog becomes rabid, it has an uncontrollable urge to bite anything that moves: squirrels, other dogs, you. This is how rabies reproduces; biting spreads the virus from host to host.

A long time ago, the parasite was probably like rabies. When people get infected, they had an overpowering urge to bite other humans. So they bit them. Success!

But eventually human beings got organized in ways that dogs and squirrels can't. We invented posses and lynch mobs, made up laws, and appointed law enforcers. As a result, the biting maniacs among us tend to have fairly short careers. The only peeps who survived were the ones who ran away and hid, sneaking back at night to feed their mania.

The parasite followed this survival strategy to the extreme. It evolved over the generations to transform the minds of its victims, finding a chemical switch among the pathways of the human brain. When that switch is thrown, we despice everything we once loved. Peeps cower when confronted with their old obsessions, despicse their loved ones, and flee form any signifier of home.

Love is easy to switch to hatred, it turns out. The term for this is the anathema effect.

The anathema effect forced peeps from their medieval villages and out into wild, where they were safe from lynch mobs. And it spread the disease geographically. Peeps moved to the next valley over, then the next crountry, pushed farther and farther by their hatred of everything familiar.

As the cities grew, with more police and bigger lynch mobs, peeps had to adopt new strategies to stay hidden. They learned to love the night and see in the dark, until the sun itself became anathema to them.

But come on: They don't burst into flames in daylight.They just really, really hate it.

They anathema effect also created some familiar vampire legends. If you grew up in Europe in the MIddle Ages, chances were you were a Christian. You went to Church at least twice a week, prayed three times a day, and had a crucifix hanging in every room. You made the sign of the cross everytime you ate food or wished for good luck. So it's not surprising that most peeps back then had major cruciphobia - they could actually be repelled by the sight of a cross, just like in the movies.

In the Middle Ages, the crucifix was the big anathema: Elvis and Manhattan and yout boyfriend all rolled in one.

Thing were so much simpler back then.

These days, we hunters have to do our homework before we go after a peep. What were their favourite foods? What music did they like? What movie stars did they have crushes on? Sure, we still find a few cases of cruciphobia, especially down in the Bible Belt, but you're much more likely to stop peeps with an iPod full of their favourite tunes. (With geeky peeps, I've heard, the Apple logo alone does the trick.)

That's why new peep hunters like me start with people they used to know, so we don't have to guess what their anathemas are. Hunting the people who once loved us is as esy as it gets. Our own faces work as a reminder of their former lives. We are the anathemas.


Friday, December 5, 2008TREMATODES taken from PEEPS (parasites)
The natural world is jaw-droppingly horrible. Appalling, nasty, vile.

Take trematodes for example.

Trematodes are tiny fish that live in the stomach of a bird. (How did that happen? Horribly. Just keep reading.) They lay their eggs in the bird's stomach. One day, the bird takes a crap into a pond, and the eggs are on their way. They hatch and swim around the pond looking for a snail. These trematodes are microscopic, small enough to lay eggs in a snail's eye, as we used to say in Texas.

Well okay. We never said that in Texas. But trematodes actually do it. For some reason, they always choose the left eye. When the babies hatch, they eat the snail's left eye and spread throughout the body. (Didn't i say this would be horrible?) But they don't kill the snail. Not right away.

First, the half-blind snail gets a gnawing feeling in the pit of its stomach and think it's hungry. It starts to eat but for some reason can ever get enough food. You see, when the food gets to where the snail's stomach used to be, all that's left down there are trematodes, getting their meals delivered. The snail can't mate, or sleep, or enjoy life in any other snaily way. It has become a hungry robot dedicated to gathering food for its horrible little passengers.

After a while, the trematodes get bored with this and pull the plug on their poor host. They invade the snail's antennae, making them twitch. They turn the snail's left eye bright colors. A bird passing overhead sees this brightly colored, twitching snail and says, "Yum..."

The snail gets eaten, and the trematodes are back up in a bird's stomach, ready to parachute into the next pond over.

Welcome to the wonderful world of parasites.


Monday, November 24, 2008
heyo all (: miss bubblegum TT m TT

suuuuuper bored ,yeahs .nth to ,uh . si---gh ~): tml gt dance AGAAAIN .so tiring nw tat i've been chosen fr SYF .nt tat i dun wan tat .ouh wells . oh ,crap !i tink i frget th dance steps lur .aaaaaaah ! die .hais nvm laas .sure will rmb during dance =x i wonder if milkshake wil come to dance anurt== that girl horr ..everytime wen it comes to dance owaez gt sometime come up th .lucky lor .no nid endure th boredom=x nth to say lurs . all i wan to say is ..
i damn miss bubblegum .


Thursday, November 20, 2008assignments ==
i hate assignments !

yup yup . absolutely correct . anyways , whye cant they juz giv it to us tru papers ? tru internet is so mafan && confusing lorrs . everytime i do i wan slp (: booor-ring .


Monday, November 17, 2008DAMN !
darn it . too many of Yui's songs i like =x how how how hooow ?


Friday, November 7, 2008EXCURSION (:
2dae went to sentosa wif beverly, jing rong, glendon&&'name forgotten(so sry)' (:
1st we met up at th mrt station in lot1 (:
den take mrt here&&there to harborfront ..
den walk walk walk to vivo (x
den walk walk walk agn to th tall blue glass tower (:
whre we tak cable carr (whee)
i'll post th pictures in th nxt post=x
den go take cable car ~
i sat near th window and enjoyedd th view (:
th wind was pretty strong and v relaxing , hahas .
buuut , someone was scared of heights .. too bad rite ?
den went to sentosa (:
and walk walk walk agn .. th sun go glaring lorrs .
wan die out of heat stroke wor .
den go rent rollar blades (:
beverly&&jingrong said dey wud pei wo skate .
den after awhile say leg suan ==
den dey go change to bike den left me alone skateTT
i so th very poor ting rite ?
den walk walk walk under th glaring sun agn to th beach .
th water v cooling (: btw i didnt bring extra clothes if nt i jump inside lurr=x
den walk walk walk(==) agn back .
den took th cable car back agn (: whee .
den went to eat at vivo (:
haiya too lazy write wad happen .
stp here (x
glendon , like ur new nickname ? ; xiaoBai (:


quiz (:
Rule No. 1

People who have been asked to do this quiz must answer all the questions on their blog . They can choose to replace any questions that they dislike with another question that they come up with their own . Best not to replace any .

Rule No. 2

Tag 5 people and ask them to do this quiz . Its compulsary for everyone who are requested to do this by their friends to complete this quiz . Whoever doing this quiz must state who tagged them to do this quiz .
[Tagged by Jingwenn (:]

Q1)Do you have secrets
yep . btw dun xpect me to tell .
Q2)Would you fall in love with a girl younger than you?
no way .. im no lesbain .
Q3)Do you enjoy going to school?
depends (:
Q4)What would you do with your first billion dollars?
im a real nice person so i'll donate some to the poor/charity, then i buy th things i crave fr , and som presents fr my parents (:
Q5)What is your view towards love?
wait til im old enough to have a std, den u ask me (:
Q6)Which is more blessed? Love someone or being loved by someone?
being loved by someone x3
Q7)List at least 15 of your favourite songs [not in order]
come on .. im too lazy . btw i'll list some .
- all around me ; flyleaf
- no air ; jordin sparks feat chris brown
- byebye ; mariah carey
- homeless ; leona lewis
- stop&&stare ; onereplubic
- break the ice ; britney spears
- maybe, kiss the rain ; yiruma
i'll leave th rest fr u to guess (:
Q8)What will you do if the person you like is already attached?
sadded lorrs (duh)
Q9)What makes you EXTREMELY happy?
idk . ask me agn some other time :X
Q10)What makes you angry?
th person i give all my trust in to leave me
Q11)Who is the most important person to you?
Q12)What is the most important thing in your life now?
idk . alot , i guess .
Q13)How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
ask me wen i'm in 10 yrs time (:
Q14)Are you single/attached? With who?
duuh , im single . underaged , get it ?
Q15)Your favourite colors?
- black
- white
- baby pink
- scarlet
- crimson
- lime green
- baby blue
*alot moree*
Q16)Would you give all in a relationship?
maybe . btw nvr my pets , family , and my pillow (:
Q17)If you fall in love with 2 person simultaneously, who would you pick?
idk . btw i noe it wud b painful .
Q18)Would you forgive someone if he/she did something horrible to you?
it depends . im nt sure myself .
Q19)What would you do if nobody cared for you any longer?
sadded , duuuh . hu wud go "YAAY !" wen somebody doesnt care bt u anymore ?
Q20)Last question, list down the 5 ppl you have tagged to do this.
- debbie
- jianming
- joy
- junwei
- fara


Monday, November 3, 2008SO DARN CUTE

leo is so darn cute .
dun u tink so too ?
*note, leo is th boy .
wen yuiko saw th cat so happy wif leo , it made yuiko jealous so she said "i'm jealous"
wen leo heard tat , tats wad he did (im refering to th pic)

*note, yuiko loves animals , btw animals really hate her cox she loves them too much=x


ps monkeyy .. i nowadays so bored at home so i took out a picture of u=3
i hope u dun mind though x.x
hw did u manage to stack up all th chairs anyway ?
its so darn high can ?
anyways , u rock khays(:
nxt yr cant c u liaos luur .
sadded can ?

sayonara , monkey . *sniffs* ehehheh .


Sunday, November 2, 2008Beast Master♥

u seee . so darn sweet right ? leo was so darn embarrassed after saying that (in th 1st picture) and his expression was so darn th v cute . then .. after a few pages i saved th second picture . u can see th fangs there rite ? he can bite off anyone's windpipe if he is attacked and sees blood . if u dun noe wad im saying , go onemanga and see Beast Master .


i've been pretty lazy nowadays . wahahas . so im gonna take a little 'vacation' before carrying on to my 2nd story . i hav to tink of a story too u noe ? it's nt tat easy , just popping out a story in my head=x ouh wells .. btw i'll post frequently , i guess ..0o


Saturday, November 1, 2008those sweet fangs are mine and mine alone
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ChapterSIX -iloveyou- [end]
"Whaaaat?! He rejected you?!" Miko said in disbelieve,"I thought he had always liked you!" "Yeah, as a little sister though.." I said. "I told you you had to confess quickly! See what happened! he fell for another girl! You're so unbelievable!" Mio whined. Tears started formed and I sobbed. "I wana go hoooome." I kept mumbling while crying again and again until out homeroom teacher asked me, "Ayumi, are you alright?" I shook my head. "Feeling unwell?" I nodded. "Do you want to go home?" I nodded and looked at the teacher with puppy eyes. "Alright, alright.. Go home and rest, Ayumi. I hope you'll get well soon." Sensei is so concerned. "Thank-you, sensei!" And went home, covering myself with my blanket, without appetite and unable to sleep. Shiro.. Where are you..? My tears kept falling and falling. I waited for no one but Shiro.

"A..Yumi..?" I knew that voice anywhere. The calm voice I have been waiting for. I looked up from the covers and peeked. It really is Shiro. I threw myself off the bed , hugged him and sobbed. "I was rejected! I was rejected! I thought he liked me! I cant believe this.." I whined. "Hush.. It's okay.." Shiro comforted me, patting my head, before saying, "i love you." I froze stiff. I love you..? So he's the one who has been loving me all this time? A big tear dropped from my cheek before he released me and leaned down to kiss me. Wha-What? I was dumbstruck. I still didn't move when he lifted his head to look at me. but only my blush-cells moved. I blushed like crazy. He chuckled and said, "If only I was human. I could stay with you forever. Well, before we die anyway." Touched, I said, "then ask the god. Bring me there. I'll talk it out with him." His eyes widened before saying, "So that means you'll accept me?" I blushed deeper and looked down. "Yeah, it was because I hadn't notice I have been starting to carry a torch for you ever since we met." Then in a second his eyes went sad. "If I bring you to see him, you'll have to die." "Then I hope it won't hurt." I said confidently, looking into his eyes. And he started to panic, but then relaxed alittle. He lifted on hand and tapped my forehead. Then my eyelids became heavy and I was unconscious in a matter of seconds.

I woke up in a small apartment. There was nothing at all. Just wooden floor boards, concrete walls and a wooden sliding door. *door creaking open* I jumped in shock and scrambled to th far corner which was the furthers from the door. "Ayumi.. Are you awake yet..?" Shiro's head poked out from the door and I pounced onto him. "Yep." I smiled. "W-Whoa" He said, a little breathless. I got up from him and sat on the ground, "where are we Shiro?" I asked as I poked my head outside the door. "Where do you think? The place where people had died and not yet confirmed to go to heaven or hell, of course." He replied with a tilted head. So we're going to meet the god . I'm feeling kind of nervous right now. "Can these names of the following report to the God's apartment please, #1, death god no.193560. And #2, Ayumi Maki." A voice suddenly appearing in my head. "Well, that's us. Shall we?" He held out a hand to me after he stood up. Just as I took his hand, there was a flash of light and we were in front of some kind of gold and sliver door. "Do come in." A voice as sweet as honey and as smooth as silk entered my mind. Then the door opened automatically.

Inside the room, a lone man sat in a huge sofa filled with cushions. "Please sit here." The voice said again. "Don't mind of we do." Shiro said. "Shi-Shiro.. I'm kinda uneasy here.." I said uncertainly. "Oh please do not fret young one, we come in peace." The god said with a smile. "Come here and sit as you wish." Shiro held my hand and we walked towards him, bowed, and sat on the sofa. "So, your wish is to be together for eternity am I right, Shiro? Don't mind if I address you with your new name." "I certainly do not mind, God. And yes. That is my wish." That is so formal. Lucky I resisted my laughter. "And would you want that wish too, Ayumi Maki?" "Um.. Yes." I staggered, surprised when he suddenly spoke to me. "If that is so.. Then I shall help you make that wish of yours true. But Ayumi, you have to pay a price." "What is it?" I asked. "In order for you to stay here with Shiro. He will no longer be a death god," I beamed at that one. "And those who have known you would have your life erased from them. Will that be alright?" I frowned at that one. But, "Yes, it is alright. But do you mind if I take one last look of them?" I asked. "Then I shall do something that you would never have to come looking for me to replay the scenes you have spent with them." The god seemed like he was singing. But also more like he's humming. Then, with a sparks of light, 'videos' of everyone I knew started playing, then stopped abruptly before going into my body. "What was that..?" I asked, surprised. "As you have seen, those were the memories of the ones you have known and cherished. So whenever you miss them, just close your eyes and replay the scenes. So shall we carry on with the price?" "Yes, I accept the price." I said confidently. "Very well then.."

With another flash of light, we were in an apartment with many things. When I went into one room, I had known immediately it was mine as everything was th same. The bed, the desk.. everything. "From now on we will be staying here. Will that be alright, Ayumi?" Shiro asked. "Yup." I replied with a smile and kissed him.

So that's the end. I will never ever ever ever forget the ones I have always cherished. Mom.. Dad.. Mio.. Miko.. Ryuu.. so much more.. I'll never forget you guys..


"Ayumi!" Ryuu called out to me while running to me. "Yeah..?" I replied when he reached me. "I have a friend of mine whose father is an exorcise, maybe he can help you get rid of that death god." He said. I imagined a man with bald head, wearing a beaded necklace and something that resembles a brown dress. "Really? He can help me?" I asked him. Ryuu smiled and said, "why would I lie to you about such things?" Finally.. That death god would be gone and I won't have to die so soon!

[Ryuu's friend's , Musashi , house] "Come on in, Ayumi, Ryuu!" He held the door open for us. "Thanks, Musashi." I smiled while Ryuu just smiled. The house reeks of buddish-ish smells. Then he's father emerged, just as I imagined him wearing. We were told to kneel on some cushions while Musashi's father recites something of some kind of language. Then, he out a piece of paper on a plate. "What's that?" I asked him. "After I burn this, the death god would disappear." He replied with a I-know-it-all smile. He was reciting something again when the death god appeared. "So that was what it was all about. I was feeling kind of uncomfortable." He seemed like he was breathing hard, I almost felt sorry for him. Suddenly, he grabs his chest looking really pained. Then he started losing his balance and fell onto the ground with a thud in front of me. He looked like he really is in terrible pain. I want to live a long live but.. Of course I want to live.. But..

Now for the final touch, Musashi's father said, lighting a candle and slowly bringing it to the paper. *Dashes and snatches the paper from the man's hands* "Sto-Stop!" Everyone looked really shocked, but the death god semmed to relax a little. "I- I just feel really uneasy doing this. I'm really sorry!" I grabbed my bag and ran towards the death god. "I sorry.. I don't know why but.. Gah! Forget it. Can you get up?" I panicked over him. He slowly stood up but soon lost his balance. I quickly put my arm around him and helped him to the door. "A-Ayumi..? Who are you talking to? And why are you holding out your arm like that?" Ryuu's voice shook. "I'm really sorry guys.." I said guiltily and went out. But once we were out, the death god released himself from me and turned to face me. "Why did you stop him and help me instead? Have you forgotten I'm going to kill you?" He said, face full of confusion. "Talk when we're home." I said uneasily.

[Ayumi's home] I sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. "Okay. I don't know why but when he was going to light up the paper my heart just thumped really fast and I keep getting this uneasy feeling. Then my instincts told me to stop him, to snatch away that paper. Then.. Then.. You know the rest." I said in a really quick speed. He blinked and said, "Oh." And then hugged me. Or so I thought. I was wondering how long he wanted to hug me before he slipped and collapsed on my bed. "Ahh! Are you okay?" I panicked. "Hey," his sudden voice shocked me. "I want to try sleeping too. But I always end up failing." I laughed and said, "just count sheep. That's what I always do when I can't sleep. Like ; one sheep.. two sheep.. three sheep.. In your head. Try it." He closed back his eyes and lay limp. I laid down next to him (since it was my bed) and looked at him. Is he asleep? Such a pretty face.. His hair so silky, and both his hair and eyes so light-colored. It's like he's all pure and white.. Ah! "I guess I'll call you Shiro." I whispered. (Shiro means white in japanese.) Shiro opened his eyes and smiled. "Shiro.. I like that name." I blushed and covered myself with the blanket. Ouhgosh. Did he know I have been looking at him all this time? But.. I might have fallen for him.. No way! I'm inlove with Ryuu right? Right..? Had I change my feelings for him without knowing? Noooo! That can't be. But, I guess I have to confess to Ryuu as soon as possible..If not I really will...*Snooze..*

"Ayumi.. Hey you're be late sleepy head! ...WAKE UP!" I jumped awake, sitting up right. I looked around and noticed Shiro staring at me with the why-did-you-sit-up-all-of-the-sudden-? look. "Ahh.. Sorry Shiro-" I turned to look at my clock. "Gaaaahh! I'm late!" "Told ya. See you then." And disappeared. I ran all the way to school, but I sure am lucky I didn't miss any classes. On the way to class, I bumped into Ryuu. But, now it's my chance to tell him. "Um, Ryuu? Can you come over for a minute?" I kept myself from blushing too much. When I found a quiet enough place, I took a breath. "Ryuu.. Um.. I have liked you for a very long time so will you please please please go out with me?" I said through "as though I'm praying" hands. He looked startled for a moment and then said, "I'm sorry, Ayumi but, I already have someone in mind. I'm really sorry." He replied apologicly. I blushed to the roots of my hair, "it- it's okay! No hard feelings felt, Ryuu!" I ran away as fast as I could so he couldn't see that I was crying.


Friday, October 31, 2008chapterFOUR -the.death.god.who.loves.cats-
SCREEEECHHH ! Wh-what was that? I looked around and saw a car stopped at the side of the road. Did somebody get hit? Then i noticed a cat lying on the patch of grass, it was blood smeared. It must have been hit by that car. How horrible.. That cat.. There's no saving the cat now.. Tears formed as I pitied the cat that was hit. Then i noticed the death god. He reached his hand out and tapped the cat's head, then, a glow of light appeared from it's head. He moved his hand and the light floated to the sky, before sparkling and disappearing.

When the death god turned to face me, I noticed he was crying. Wait.. Death gods can cry? I never knew that. He dried his tears with the sleeves of the shirt and sat down on the grass patch. I walked over, sat down next to him and asked, "are you okay?" He sniffed and replied, "I like cats." Then he sobbed. Awwww.. *tears forming from her eyes(crying in sympathy)* "Don't worry. The kitty was sparkling." He told me, as though trying to comfort himself rather than me. Then I asked for him name, but he said he didn't have any. I tried asking him about more things, hoping to know more about him. "We don't age nor die. And unlike humans, we don't get hungry or sleep." He said. "Then how old are you?" I asked him. "Alittle over 200 years." Whoa. That's long. "Then I'll give you a name. Hmm.. What should I name you?" I said. "Hey, have you forgotten about school?" He asked, as though trying to avoid that question. But I got caught. "Ahhhhh!! I completely forgot!" I hurriedly stood up and brushed the dirt from my clothes. Just as i turned, "Ayumi! I'll be looking forward to my name." He told me with a smile. I smiled back and ran to school.

Is he really a death god? Because.. I'm not scared of him at all. He even smiled.. And cried because he likes cats.. I don't really get it but, I can't.. dislike him.


Thursday, October 30, 2008chapterTHREE -truth-
The next morning, I walked to school carrying alot of thoughts. Like, is the lead singer of LUMA really going to die today? What did that death god mean by he's going to take him? How am I going to confess to Ryuu that i have liked him since a long time? Ugh. My head is spinning. But i was interrupted by Mio, Miko and Yumi who were running towards me as though a maniac had been chasing them. "Ayuuumiiiii!!" They shouted together. "What what? Hey relax you guys! Breathe in.. And out.. Okay now tell me what's going on." I waited for their breathing to calm down before Yumi spoke, "The lead singer of LUMA died in an accident this morning! I couldn' believe it when my sister texted me. I was such a fan of him!" No way.. It's true! That means I'm not seeing things? That means that death god was for real? "Come on guys.. There may be some mistake. Right ?" I questioned on. "It's really really true! See for yourself, Ayumi!" Yumi said, flipping open her cell phone to show me the message her sister sent her.
|---------------------------------- [ text message Yumi's sister sent to her]
| Big news, Yumi! Lead
| singer of LUMA died in
| an accident 2day!

"It's really true.." I said. That means.. I'll die in one month. "I- I think i need to go to the infirmary.." I wobbled my way to the infirmary, dumbfounded. I laid down on the bed, covering myself with the blanket. Does that mean I'm gonna die too? If that's true, then I wonder how I would die too. I'm really healthy, so I might get into an accident. I hope it won't hurt. But.. Why? Why me? Mom's gonna cry. Dad's gonna lose 10 pounds. I won't be able to see Mio or Miko anymore, or Ryuu.. I won't be able to see Ryuu anymore.. I sat up on the bed. I don't want that to happen! *Sniffs* Then i started crying. "Waahh! Uwaahh! Why must this happen to me? Out of all people.. Why me? Uuwahh!"

Then i heard the door open and abruptly wiped away my tears, but they kept falling. "Yo. Class is over.. Hey, why are you crying?" "Ryu.. Ryuu!" "Whoa!" I hugged Ryuu from the bed without thinking, I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him! "What? Did you have a nightmare or something?" Ryuu asked. "No.. I.." I began, but stopped when I noticed something, we're embracing each other! I abruptly pulled away from him, "S-Sorry! Y-Yeah. It was just a strange dream!" I staggered, my blush would have been bright red. Ryuu took my hand and squeezed it, as though trying to comfort me. I thought he was going to say something but i noticed the death god above the other unit, mouthing the words ; go for it! I screamed and pointed towards him, "Ryuu! He's there! He came back again! Can't you see him?!" My voice trembled as Ryuu looked around and then shook his head. "Opps. Got caught again." The death god said, "well, keep up the good work, you only have 29 days left. See you." He waved and then disappeared . "Ayumi? Hey Ayumi!" Ryuu shook me, but i didnt respond. I could'nt hear anything now. "Ayumi! Hello hello? What's wrong with you?" When i finally found my voice, I told Ryuu that I might die soon. His face was shocked, but it also seemed like he didn't believe me.

After I told him what happened yesterday, how the death god predicted that the lead singer of LUMA would die and he would take him, I thought Ryuu would think I'm crazy and head home. But instead of that, he helped to dry my tears and said he would take me home. When I asked him why he wanted to take me home, he just hushed me and said that he was worried for me. When we reached my house, he told me to call him if anything happens. I just can't believe it. I had never thought he would believe me. I thought he was going to call me a freak and leave me alone. "Ryuu.." I said, "thank-you. I was sure you would think I'm crazy but you listened to me and you believed me. That made me really happy." Oh gosh.. How embarrassing! "That's because it's you. Don't you get it?" He said, after seeing my confused expression. "See you tomorrow." He said with a smile and walked off.


chapterTWO -fate-
"Class dismiss." Our homeroom teacher finally announced. "Ahh! Finally over! I'm soooo tired." I stretched my arms. Ah! I almost forgot I had to help out at Mom's shop today! Oh gosh.. "Miko, Mio, sorry but i have to go now. I gotta help out at my Mom's shop. See you tomorrow 'kay?" "Sure! See you, Ayumi!" They both said. With a smile, i ran off.

"Ayumi, that girl.. she is so slow. She should just hurry up and confess to him already. I guess she can' help it. After all , she doesn't know she's going to die soon." This voice, I stepped on my brakes immediately, sounds a lot like the one i heard before. "Was that you who called me earlier?" I asked him. He looked really surprised, like i just shoot myself with a really loud gun. He glanced every direction before pointing to himself as in saying : me? Then i pointed back at him : you! His eyes widened in surprise and with a split second, jumped out of the window. Wait a minute, wait a minute! That was weird right?! That was definitely weird. What? Why? He jumped out? But.. Isn't this the third floor?

Then i screamed and fell to my knees. "Someone.. A.. A person just.." Tears started coming out. "Ayumi ..? What's wrong?" Only my eyes moved. "R- Ryuu..?" With a trembling finger, i pointed towards the window. "Someone.. Fell from here.. He fell out of the window!" Ryuu raised an eyebrow and told me, "there wasn't anybody there from the start, Ayumi ." I couldn't speak. I'm not seeing things now am I? Ryuu glanced out of the window and assured me, "there isn't anybody there. Ayumi, look." That's strange.. I.. "I can't get up." Ryuu sighed and pulled me up to the window. "See..?" He's right.. Not even a single drop of blood. But.. I saw him jump.. Then everything went black.

When i opened my eyes, I was back in my room. Had i fainted? That must have been a sight. "Ayumi? You're awake? I was so worried!" Mom exclaimed. "Sorry to make you worry Mom.. Ah ! What about work? I was suppose to help out today." I said. "It's okay. Oh yes, a boy named Ryuu gave you a piggy ride home. Along with Mio and Miko who helped to take over your job." No way.. Ryuu carried me home?! "Are you hungry, Ayumi?" Mom asked suddenly. "Y-Yeah, I guess. " I replied. "Come downstairs and eat, alright?" She said as she walked towards my room door. Then i saw him. That guy who jumped out of the window today. "Mom.. There's somebody beside u!" Mom looked around in shock. "Ayumi.. don't scare me like that! I'm going downstairs to make dinner.." *door closes* With an innocent look, he closed in. "W-Wha.. What do u want?" I stammered. "So it's true, you really can see me. Hmm.. What should i do? This is not good. This has never happened before. I guess i could tell her. But maybe I shouldn't.." *circling around the room* "Ah, to hell with it. I'll just say it." He look at me with the i'm-not-joking eyes. "Sorry but, you're gonna die in one month." What ? What did he just say? "Well, thats all. See ya." My eyes followed him as he walked towards my window and jumps out like what happened today. But, he's not joking, is he? Me? Dying in one month? No way, how could he be so sure?

I ran towards the window, just to see him floating down from my window. 'No time to fuss over whether he's floating or not.' I told myself. "Wait!" I called out to him. He stopped and look up at me. "What is it?" He asked. "Wh-What are you?" I took up the courage to ask. "A death god." He replied simply. "You're joking right? I'm not really going to die in one month, am.. I?" Tears pooling. "Do you know who the lead singer of LUMA is?" He asked suddenly. "Yes.." Wondering what does the lead singer of LUMA has to do with me dying in one month. "Well, he'll get into an accident tomorrow. And I'm gonna take him." Take him..? "You don't have to believe me. I'm telling you this because you can see me. Well then," he said with a smile. "Enjoy your youth." With that, he disappeared. In one month, I'm going to die.. And i haven't told Ryuu that i liked him yet! "Ayumi!! Dinner's ready!" Mom called. "Yeah, coming!"


First, i set my alarm clock but for some reason it didnt go off. Then i failed a test that i was sure I'd aced. And after gym class, a bunch of flies made me their only target. "Now I'm starting to hear things?! Today is just.." I complained, "really ominous!! I'm feeling incredibly unlucky today!" "Actually, you always turn off your alarm clock when you're half asleep." Mio said. "You're also super-sweaty after gym classes 'cause you get so pumped up." Miko continued. "And you have never been smart..." "You get carried away so easily." They said together. But i knew it was different this time. I have never felt so.. so.. creeped out. This morning, i was sure i heard somebody calling me. It was pretty distant, but still not so far away ;

"Eh? Did somebody call me?" I asked Mio and Miko. "Nope." Mio replied. "Nopey." Miko replied, "maybe you had mistakened it for someone else's name." "Or.. You're hearing things!" Mio teased. But i was sure i heard it! And i was sure they should have heard it too. Unless i was really hearing things. Okay that sent a chill right down my spine.

"...yumi! Hey , Ayumi!" That sudden out-burst took me away from my thoughts with a jump. I looked up and saw Ryuu, the boy whom i have been crushing on, stood in front of me. "Y-Yeah?" I stammered. "What were you spacing out for?" Ryuu asked, but before i could even answer, he said, "could you spare me some money? I forgot to bring mine." I was so sure he was just getting an excuse. He takes money from me all the time! "This isn't just an excuse right?" I asked him, doubting. "But this time i really forgotten. Come on! I promise I'll return it." He confessed! I cant believe I was giving him money blindly all this time. "Sure you'll give it back?" Still doubting. "Yeah yeah. Break time's going to be over soon, Hurry!" *Sigh* I give up. His face always gives in. I handed him the money.. And he ran away. Oh great. Not even a 'thank-you'? But i soon took back my word as he turned back to thank me just as he reached the door.. with a smile. I burned right up my neck . Mio and Miko snickered . "So .. you're dream boy is Ryuu from class 2-1 eh? When will ever you confess to him? Christmas?" Miko said. My blush grew bright red. " I- I-" I was speechless. Is my face that readable? "Oh confess already! We've grown impatient!" Mio said, forever the clown. In my opinion anyway. "Oh shut-up." Blushing, I turned away from them and stared out at the window. But.. Should I?


Ayumi is a 16-year-old who has a crush on her classmate , Ryuu . One day , the God of Death appears before her , and announces that she has only one month left to live . There's no stopping the hourglass of fate ! Life is short , girls , so love with all your might !



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