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Saturday, November 1, 2008chapterFIVE
"Ayumi!" Ryuu called out to me while running to me. "Yeah..?" I replied when he reached me. "I have a friend of mine whose father is an exorcise, maybe he can help you get rid of that death god." He said. I imagined a man with bald head, wearing a beaded necklace and something that resembles a brown dress. "Really? He can help me?" I asked him. Ryuu smiled and said, "why would I lie to you about such things?" Finally.. That death god would be gone and I won't have to die so soon!

[Ryuu's friend's , Musashi , house] "Come on in, Ayumi, Ryuu!" He held the door open for us. "Thanks, Musashi." I smiled while Ryuu just smiled. The house reeks of buddish-ish smells. Then he's father emerged, just as I imagined him wearing. We were told to kneel on some cushions while Musashi's father recites something of some kind of language. Then, he out a piece of paper on a plate. "What's that?" I asked him. "After I burn this, the death god would disappear." He replied with a I-know-it-all smile. He was reciting something again when the death god appeared. "So that was what it was all about. I was feeling kind of uncomfortable." He seemed like he was breathing hard, I almost felt sorry for him. Suddenly, he grabs his chest looking really pained. Then he started losing his balance and fell onto the ground with a thud in front of me. He looked like he really is in terrible pain. I want to live a long live but.. Of course I want to live.. But..

Now for the final touch, Musashi's father said, lighting a candle and slowly bringing it to the paper. *Dashes and snatches the paper from the man's hands* "Sto-Stop!" Everyone looked really shocked, but the death god semmed to relax a little. "I- I just feel really uneasy doing this. I'm really sorry!" I grabbed my bag and ran towards the death god. "I sorry.. I don't know why but.. Gah! Forget it. Can you get up?" I panicked over him. He slowly stood up but soon lost his balance. I quickly put my arm around him and helped him to the door. "A-Ayumi..? Who are you talking to? And why are you holding out your arm like that?" Ryuu's voice shook. "I'm really sorry guys.." I said guiltily and went out. But once we were out, the death god released himself from me and turned to face me. "Why did you stop him and help me instead? Have you forgotten I'm going to kill you?" He said, face full of confusion. "Talk when we're home." I said uneasily.

[Ayumi's home] I sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. "Okay. I don't know why but when he was going to light up the paper my heart just thumped really fast and I keep getting this uneasy feeling. Then my instincts told me to stop him, to snatch away that paper. Then.. Then.. You know the rest." I said in a really quick speed. He blinked and said, "Oh." And then hugged me. Or so I thought. I was wondering how long he wanted to hug me before he slipped and collapsed on my bed. "Ahh! Are you okay?" I panicked. "Hey," his sudden voice shocked me. "I want to try sleeping too. But I always end up failing." I laughed and said, "just count sheep. That's what I always do when I can't sleep. Like ; one sheep.. two sheep.. three sheep.. In your head. Try it." He closed back his eyes and lay limp. I laid down next to him (since it was my bed) and looked at him. Is he asleep? Such a pretty face.. His hair so silky, and both his hair and eyes so light-colored. It's like he's all pure and white.. Ah! "I guess I'll call you Shiro." I whispered. (Shiro means white in japanese.) Shiro opened his eyes and smiled. "Shiro.. I like that name." I blushed and covered myself with the blanket. Ouhgosh. Did he know I have been looking at him all this time? But.. I might have fallen for him.. No way! I'm inlove with Ryuu right? Right..? Had I change my feelings for him without knowing? Noooo! That can't be. But, I guess I have to confess to Ryuu as soon as possible..If not I really will...*Snooze..*

"Ayumi.. Hey you're be late sleepy head! ...WAKE UP!" I jumped awake, sitting up right. I looked around and noticed Shiro staring at me with the why-did-you-sit-up-all-of-the-sudden-? look. "Ahh.. Sorry Shiro-" I turned to look at my clock. "Gaaaahh! I'm late!" "Told ya. See you then." And disappeared. I ran all the way to school, but I sure am lucky I didn't miss any classes. On the way to class, I bumped into Ryuu. But, now it's my chance to tell him. "Um, Ryuu? Can you come over for a minute?" I kept myself from blushing too much. When I found a quiet enough place, I took a breath. "Ryuu.. Um.. I have liked you for a very long time so will you please please please go out with me?" I said through "as though I'm praying" hands. He looked startled for a moment and then said, "I'm sorry, Ayumi but, I already have someone in mind. I'm really sorry." He replied apologicly. I blushed to the roots of my hair, "it- it's okay! No hard feelings felt, Ryuu!" I ran away as fast as I could so he couldn't see that I was crying.



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