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Saturday, November 1, 2008ChapterSIX -iloveyou- [end]
"Whaaaat?! He rejected you?!" Miko said in disbelieve,"I thought he had always liked you!" "Yeah, as a little sister though.." I said. "I told you you had to confess quickly! See what happened! he fell for another girl! You're so unbelievable!" Mio whined. Tears started formed and I sobbed. "I wana go hoooome." I kept mumbling while crying again and again until out homeroom teacher asked me, "Ayumi, are you alright?" I shook my head. "Feeling unwell?" I nodded. "Do you want to go home?" I nodded and looked at the teacher with puppy eyes. "Alright, alright.. Go home and rest, Ayumi. I hope you'll get well soon." Sensei is so concerned. "Thank-you, sensei!" And went home, covering myself with my blanket, without appetite and unable to sleep. Shiro.. Where are you..? My tears kept falling and falling. I waited for no one but Shiro.

"A..Yumi..?" I knew that voice anywhere. The calm voice I have been waiting for. I looked up from the covers and peeked. It really is Shiro. I threw myself off the bed , hugged him and sobbed. "I was rejected! I was rejected! I thought he liked me! I cant believe this.." I whined. "Hush.. It's okay.." Shiro comforted me, patting my head, before saying, "i love you." I froze stiff. I love you..? So he's the one who has been loving me all this time? A big tear dropped from my cheek before he released me and leaned down to kiss me. Wha-What? I was dumbstruck. I still didn't move when he lifted his head to look at me. but only my blush-cells moved. I blushed like crazy. He chuckled and said, "If only I was human. I could stay with you forever. Well, before we die anyway." Touched, I said, "then ask the god. Bring me there. I'll talk it out with him." His eyes widened before saying, "So that means you'll accept me?" I blushed deeper and looked down. "Yeah, it was because I hadn't notice I have been starting to carry a torch for you ever since we met." Then in a second his eyes went sad. "If I bring you to see him, you'll have to die." "Then I hope it won't hurt." I said confidently, looking into his eyes. And he started to panic, but then relaxed alittle. He lifted on hand and tapped my forehead. Then my eyelids became heavy and I was unconscious in a matter of seconds.

I woke up in a small apartment. There was nothing at all. Just wooden floor boards, concrete walls and a wooden sliding door. *door creaking open* I jumped in shock and scrambled to th far corner which was the furthers from the door. "Ayumi.. Are you awake yet..?" Shiro's head poked out from the door and I pounced onto him. "Yep." I smiled. "W-Whoa" He said, a little breathless. I got up from him and sat on the ground, "where are we Shiro?" I asked as I poked my head outside the door. "Where do you think? The place where people had died and not yet confirmed to go to heaven or hell, of course." He replied with a tilted head. So we're going to meet the god . I'm feeling kind of nervous right now. "Can these names of the following report to the God's apartment please, #1, death god no.193560. And #2, Ayumi Maki." A voice suddenly appearing in my head. "Well, that's us. Shall we?" He held out a hand to me after he stood up. Just as I took his hand, there was a flash of light and we were in front of some kind of gold and sliver door. "Do come in." A voice as sweet as honey and as smooth as silk entered my mind. Then the door opened automatically.

Inside the room, a lone man sat in a huge sofa filled with cushions. "Please sit here." The voice said again. "Don't mind of we do." Shiro said. "Shi-Shiro.. I'm kinda uneasy here.." I said uncertainly. "Oh please do not fret young one, we come in peace." The god said with a smile. "Come here and sit as you wish." Shiro held my hand and we walked towards him, bowed, and sat on the sofa. "So, your wish is to be together for eternity am I right, Shiro? Don't mind if I address you with your new name." "I certainly do not mind, God. And yes. That is my wish." That is so formal. Lucky I resisted my laughter. "And would you want that wish too, Ayumi Maki?" "Um.. Yes." I staggered, surprised when he suddenly spoke to me. "If that is so.. Then I shall help you make that wish of yours true. But Ayumi, you have to pay a price." "What is it?" I asked. "In order for you to stay here with Shiro. He will no longer be a death god," I beamed at that one. "And those who have known you would have your life erased from them. Will that be alright?" I frowned at that one. But, "Yes, it is alright. But do you mind if I take one last look of them?" I asked. "Then I shall do something that you would never have to come looking for me to replay the scenes you have spent with them." The god seemed like he was singing. But also more like he's humming. Then, with a sparks of light, 'videos' of everyone I knew started playing, then stopped abruptly before going into my body. "What was that..?" I asked, surprised. "As you have seen, those were the memories of the ones you have known and cherished. So whenever you miss them, just close your eyes and replay the scenes. So shall we carry on with the price?" "Yes, I accept the price." I said confidently. "Very well then.."

With another flash of light, we were in an apartment with many things. When I went into one room, I had known immediately it was mine as everything was th same. The bed, the desk.. everything. "From now on we will be staying here. Will that be alright, Ayumi?" Shiro asked. "Yup." I replied with a smile and kissed him.

So that's the end. I will never ever ever ever forget the ones I have always cherished. Mom.. Dad.. Mio.. Miko.. Ryuu.. so much more.. I'll never forget you guys..



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